Improve Performance with a Plan

We moved into our current home 15 months ago and have spent the last year renovating, disruption has been an understatement, we’ve lived in mess and dust, we’ve had to move between rooms as one is completed and the next started. There was a plan, we bought the house knowing the work that needed doing.

The plan was a strategic one, it was just we would renovate, to have our forever home, one we could enjoy as a family. We knew we’d start with the windows, electrics and plumbing but after that we’d work it out as we go along.  At each stage we’ve developed a plan for the next stage, this is the second time we’ve done this, it was still a learning curve with firefighting along the way!

The plan is what got us through a very tough year!!

6 weeks after we moved out of the kitchen, it’s still not complete, we’re truly bored of microwave meals and it’s a week before Christmas….the period when the bed was in the lounge…the times your builder points out your plan doesn’t work and you’re suddenly redesigning…walking to school and realizing your child’s jumper has lines of dust down it, frantically trying to get rid of it.

This is where the plan was so important, it was the first three jobs we did that were the biggest and most disruptive, the electricians, plumber and window fitters worked through the whole house – if you’ve ever had a rewire you’ll know the mess it makes of the walls (with the whole house being plastered the holes were left open for the builder to fix). Once these were done the house looked worse than when we started!

It was knowing our plan and where we were aiming to get to and that we had the means to achieve it that got us through. It’s so often the case, achieving a plan means taking apart the existing to create something better.

The plan keeps you focused, it means every decision you make reflects the plan, it keeps you strong when all you can see is mess, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. This might be a personal example, but it really does reflect importance of a plan to organisations. Ensure everyone knows and is onboard with the plan, it will improve performance and productivity.

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