Reflecting on Learning

Sometimes we learn some really useful stuff when we least expect it!

Over the past week, I’ve attended 3 very different organised learning events, all unrelated with different audiences. The biggest take away for me, it put me in the seat of the learner, as someone who runs sessions, events and training, this was invaluable.  It wasn’t something I was planning and I really wasn’t thinking I would be reflecting on me and my style. Continue reading “Reflecting on Learning”

Success – what is it really?

Outside of my HR role I work with 14-18 year old young women in Girlguiding UK, they are fantastic young women at a very influential time in their lives. One of the things we’re told through Girlguiding and other channels is the importance of making these young women feel confident in their own skin.   Which is a good thing, attempting to combat the pressure on girls and women from marketing, fashion etc, however the focus remains about accepting and liking the way you look.

Continue reading “Success – what is it really?”