Why you can’t ignore Glassdoor!

Speaking to a small business owner this week they were telling me about a disgruntled employee who left employment and went on to put a negative review on Glassdoor. The Company’s response, first to ask Glassdoor to remove it, when that wasn’t possible they “threatened the individual who went on to remove it”.

In the meantime, their current employees went on Glassdoor and wrote their own positive reviews without the owner even asking them to.

My view, this Company owner got very lucky the review was removed and the “threat” didn’t become public.

It doesn’t matter the size of your Company, ignoring Glassdoor just isn’t an option, your employees (or more likely your ex-employees) are in control, they can write reviews anonymously when they wish. Given it is human nature to speak up when we’re unhappy about something, the scenario of a small business having just one review and it being negative is very possible.

Glassdoor, along with other review sites and social media form part of potential employees’ research into your company, no reviews or negative reviews may impact on decisions to join you, as of course will positive reviews.

Employers can take positive action, ensure your company culture comes across on social media and encourage your employees to write reviews. Respond positively even to negative reviews, demonstrate your Company takes feedback on board.

One key thing: Glassdoor and other reviews will reflect your Company culture as it is, no longer can employers hide behind glossy brochures and corporate messages.

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