Personal Brand, Why?

Personal Brand, what? 

Put simply, a personal brand is who you are. It’s nothing complicated, you have one, it’s what people know and think about you. What we really mean here by personal brand is what you tell people about you and who knows about you. 

In the professional, job hunting world – it’s your network, your CV, your LinkedIn or other social profiles. Are you putting the right message out there? 

What’s the Point? 

It’s impossible to know exactly how many but a significant proportion of jobs are never advertised. In an economic crisis that is likely to go up. Recruitment budgets get cut and people look to their networks to recruit from. 

Who you know still matters but our networks are so much wider. Who we know is no longer limited to the people we have met in real life. 

Not only are recruitment budgets cut, but the task of recruitment in many ways gets harder. With high unemployment comes high application numbers. Sounds great for the company, but the reality is wading through huge numbers of CVs and as a candidate – you’re now trying to stand out in a crowded market. 


Don’t ignore job boards and your own connections. Looking for those advertised roles and speaking to your own network are as valid as ever.

In addition to those, a LinkedIn presence is essential for most and long gone are the days when LinkedIn was just the place to hold your CV. Once you’re there you can grow your network, connect with recruiters and even potential employers. 

Connect with people in your industry, LinkedIn is an opportunity to learn and share your experience. When you’re talking about what you do, sharing your knowledge and thoughts people see you in that role. Add that to telling people you’re looking for work and the right people start seeing you in that role in their organisation. 

Consider how hard it is to read a CV and really get a feel for that person. What makes them tick? What are their values? How does that experience really translate? CVs are bland and boring (probably should be banned but that’s another blog), when you talk to people and be yourself, just like you would with friends of colleagues you give potential employers the chance to get to know you.  

If you’re in a creative industry, show off what you’ve done. If you’re not, you can still write interesting things or simply comment on other peoples. You never need to write a post yourself. 

Keep Contact with Your Networks 

Looking for work is at times sole destroying, particularly when you’ve been made redundant. Recruitment processes can generally be horrible. It can feel lonely, especially during lockdown when you’re also stuck at home. 

Keep yourself in touch with people. Putting yourself out there and interacting won’t only help your job search it helps keep you in touch with the world. Right now most of us are craving proper face to face contact, clearly social media won’t replace that and like everything it’s a balance. Don’t forget your real world network too, keep talking to people and opportunities will come your way. 

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