What I’ve learnt in 2 weeks on Clubhouse

Clubhouse, I’ve gone from never having heard of it to completely addicted in 2 weeks! Ok, so that’s a downside, it’s addictive. But, the opportunities are huge if you use it in the right way. And, it’s not difficult to learn. 

I’ve never got into any social platform as quickly as I’ve got into Clubhouse. If you don’t know what it is, a brief overview, it’s a social platform, you join (at the moment you can only join by being invited by someone already on the platform). Once you’re in, there are a series of rooms you can go into. In a room you either just listen or join in the conversation. 

It’s that simple. 

Number 1 Tip – Follow People 

The best advice I got, actually in a room on my first day was to follow more than 100 people. I did it, I found 100 people to follow and suddenly my lobby (the place where rooms are suggested to you) was filled with rooms I was actually interested in. 

How did I know who to follow? I started with people I already knew from other platforms and then as I went into rooms I heard speakers who interested me and started following them. It really is that simple. By the end of day 2 I was following over 100 people.  

Clubhouse is a Podcast 

A podcast doesn’t in any way go far enough. There are times I use it as a podcast. The big rooms, those with hundreds of people in, the ones I’m never going to get on stage to speak in (and probably don’t want to) – these for me are more like a podcast. Perfect when I’m multitasking and just want something to listen to in the background. Clubhouse is not different to other platforms in it’s attraction of people bragging about their own wealth. This isn’t my thing, I now ignore these rooms and go into those that do interest me. 

The great thing about Clubhouse, there is always something to listen to or take part in. I can dip in and see what’s going on or I can schedule to attend a room I’m really interested in. 

And it’s not just listening, you can and absolutely should take part. Join a room, raise your hand and get involved. I choose a couple of parenting rooms with only a handful of people in them to first raise my hand. It was an easy topic for me to dip into and get started, it wasn’t long before I was being asked to moderate with others and setting up my own rooms.  

It’s when you speak that the magic happens, that’s when people start to follow you. The more you get involved, the more you get out of it. 

Standing out in the Noise 

Clubhouse is still new, standing out in the noise is only going to get harder. Like other social platforms, attention spans are short and catching that attention will be tough. 

One of the great things for me about Clubhouse, when you’re in a room you can look around the app and even go out of the app whilst still listening. If you’re running a room, you have to have this in mind. Think of it like this, back in the days of 4 channels of TV (I’m showing my age), if we started to get bored of a programme, we had to commit to leaving it (or wait for the adverts) to look at the other channels. On Clubhouse, I can keep listening whilst looking to see what else is out there. On top of that, you’re continuously being pinged by contacts recommending rooms. 

The usability of Clubhouse is amazing for being able to shop around for great content. It’s that usability that I think will help keep the value of rooms high. Anyone speaking is competing with all the other rooms and attention spans are short. 

All this is Great but, what really is the point? 

I’ve picked up some brilliant tips from Clubhouse. It is an amazing learning tool, as with everything you have to be careful who you listen to, but follow the right people and the learning will come. 

There is nowhere else I could sit in on conversations being held by my ideal clients, places where they talk about their challenges and what is going on in their business. Not only is this great market research but I can get in there and offer help, there and then I can answer their questions.

Then there is the connections, building an audience and a better opportunity to build relationships much more quickly than any other app. I’ve met some great people I wouldn’t have otherwise met and taken those relationships onto other platforms. It’s been great for building collaborations both on and off the app. 

Get in there, Give it a Go

I’ve been there 2 weeks. I’ve learnt the app in that time and got hooked. It’s so easy to use, I’m telling everyone who will listen to give it a go. The opportunity there is huge. I’ve already hosted rooms and been asked to guest moderate in others rooms. Getting involved really is that easy. 

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