It’s Good to Talk!

It’s World Mental Health Day, whilst awareness of mental health in the workplace is so much higher than a few years ago these days are still useful reminders of what we should be considering everyday. 

Stigma is still a significant issue in preventing us talking about mental health, particularly amongst men. 60% of people say that discrimination and stigma are as damaging or more damaging than the symptoms of their mental health.   Continue reading “It’s Good to Talk!”

Underestimating Harassment, Power and Control

“If you wouldn’t say it or do it in front of your parents, partner or a close friend of the same or opposite sex, don’t say it, don’t do it;”

This is a line from an Employee Handbook, a line I’ve seen not just once in my career.  With recent focus on sexual harassment, this may seem like well meant advice to potential perpetrators. Continue reading “Underestimating Harassment, Power and Control”