Reflecting on 10 Years of Working from Home

Working from home, the buzz words of 2020. I used to be in a minority and now “everyone” is doing it. We’ve seen debates about increased productivity, decreased productivity, interrupted zoom calls and now we’re seeing talk of decreased pay for those working from home and even ideas of increased tax as thoughts turn to money saved. 

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Remote working – Is it really the new normal?

We’ve seen increasing numbers of organisations announce plans to continue remote working for set periods of time or permanently. Whilst tech firms seem to be leading, traditional industries including law firms are also seeing announcements of homeworking. Announcements have been mixed between enforced and optional remote working.  

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Work Life Balance v Work Life Blend

As part of homeschooling I decided to teach my children about the industrial revolution. I wanted to give them an insight into the magnitude of change it’s possible to experience as well as introduce them to the world of work. It led into some discussions around women’s role and how and why schooling was introduced. My children are all primary age so these were only high level discussions but it did bring back into focus for me the reasons I got into HR and the impact of work on life.  Continue reading “Work Life Balance v Work Life Blend”

When your workforce are balancing work and care

There has been lots in the press recently about the pressures on the NHS and social care, these pressures are being picked up by families, often the adult children of elderly parents, many of whom are still in work. Some of those looking after elderly parents, have their own dependent children at home, hence finding themselves sandwiched between the needs of their parents and their children.  This was where we found ourselves, our eldest was 4 when we lost my husband’s dad, my youngest was just 2. Continue reading “When your workforce are balancing work and care”