Work Life Balance v Work Life Blend

As part of homeschooling I decided to teach my children about the industrial revolution. I wanted to give them an insight into the magnitude of change it’s possible to experience as well as introduce them to the world of work. It led into some discussions around women’s role and how and why schooling was introduced. My children are all primary age so these were only high level discussions but it did bring back into focus for me the reasons I got into HR and the impact of work on life.  Continue reading “Work Life Balance v Work Life Blend”

Businesses are starving themselves of skills by insisting on the Nine to Five

Working nine to five, commuting to an office where everyone else works the same hours, is a working pattern that’s familiar to most and useful to few.

Increasingly we’re seeing recognition that nine to five doesn’t suit parents.  I’m not convinced working mums are as new a phenomenon as we’re lead to believe, however we have seen women’s role in the workplace change.  This is also men’s role in the home and therefore their role in the workplace as well. Continue reading “Businesses are starving themselves of skills by insisting on the Nine to Five”